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History & credits

The AC ladder (also known as the TyD! ladder) is a ranking list of players with the goal to encourage competitive gameplay. It records scores from multiple servers and presents the data organised by individual or clan. It's currently the longest existing ladder service (with breaks) in the AssaultCube community. It's under hosting and development of the clan Tear you Down!.

On the designated servers all relevant game values (like number of captured flags, frags, gibs, deaths, team kills etc.) of the participating players are collected and put into data packages which are sent in intervals of one hour to the ladder service. There, the values get calculated and displayed on the webpages.

To view the full explanation of the ladder and its history, please visit the AssaultCube Wiki.

 vi. / acfan  - Hosting servers, original ladder development, concept
 KanslozeClown  - Hosting servers, ladder development, per player statistics, clanwar & XML
 pwnage  - Hosting servers, ladder development, per mode statistics
 Apollo  - Guidance, support, concept of new layout
 Woolly  - Ideas & support
 RandumKiwi  -  Server hosting & advice
 aerkefiende  -  Server hosting
 jamz  -   Hints, advice, flagratio & tkratio
 BluePrint  -   Previous server hosting
 Anderson  -   Previous server hosting
 Freddo  -  Previous server hosting
 Godsmack  -  Previous server hosting
 Nissarin  -  Server hosting, 1.0
 Brahma  -  Server hosting, 1.0
 stef  -  Server hosting, 1.0

Various contributions:
 tipper,  Shield,  GenDisarray,  Robtics,  MCS, and many more..