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Rules & Scoring
Point awards, maps & requirements
Rules & Scoring

Number of players
A minimum number of 6 players is required for scores to count. From the moment the number of players drops below 6 new scores will be ignored until the moment the number of players is 6 again (or higher).

All ladder scores are based on the names players use. So if you're using multiple names, you will have multiple entries. All scores for nickname 'unarmed' are ignored.

Some maps would allow people to score enormous amoints of points easily. For example the map 'gema' and a various of other maps. Maps like these aren't used to calculate scores. Scores gathered during mode 'coopedit' are ignored as well.


Scoring a flag (CTF) Hunting down a flag (HTF) Stealing a flag Returning a flag Loosing a flag Keeping a flag (T/KTF) Kill Splats / gibs Headshot / slash Teamkill Team splat/gib Team headshot /slash Death Suicide
+95 points +25 points +5 points +5 points -5 points +75 points +10 points +20 points +25 points -20 points -40 points -50 points -3 points -5 points

Scores from TyD, NZ, Oasis & WakaWaka servers are updated every hour. At approximately 15 & 45 minutes past the hour new scores are available on the webpage.
Scores will be calculated per month. At the beginning of each month, all scores are reset.

removal of scores
To reduce the number of players in the database, all scores below 100 are removed every hour. Scores of people wearing clan tags without permissions can be removed on request. Please note that scores of former clan members will not be removed, they earned those scores. Scores gathered using different names will not be merged.

Anyone who cheats the ladder by influencing his score, will be removed from the ladder. This includes (but is not limited to) using modified maps, playing unfair games (noobs vs pros).

Clanwar scores are calculated by selecting the top 6 players from a list of known clans (identified by the clantags in their name). Cumulitative scores per team make up the clanwar ranking. By default, clanwar sorts by score (like the ladder). When sorting on other criteria (by clicking the column name), the best 6 players for that specific criterium (e.g. ratio) from each clan are selected.